Remove Your Makeup the Natural Way

We all love makeup, don’t we? But we also suffer from a wide range of problems due to our daily make up application and removal techniques. Your skin is a true reflection of how perfect your internal system is. But if your skin is full of break-outs and acne marks then it’s a signal than that it demands attention.

Removing makeup is an extremely important step we all should never miss out, however tired or sleepy we might feel. A makeup remover becomes an essential product for one to possess. But, these removers are full of harmful chemicals, parabens and sulfates.

Though they work efficiently in removing makeup, they also take away the natural oils present in our skin; leaving it dull and lifeless. Since applying makeup is something you cannot stop doing and removing it would also be a subsequent process, the harm caused by chemicals feels inescapable.

Well, that will no longer be an issue for our readers! Here we have charted out absolutely uncomplicated ways to remove makeup and that too, naturally!

1) Milk: Simply dab raw milk on a cotton ball and gently roll it over your eyes to remove eye-liner or mascara. Follow it up with a lukewarm water wash. It’s probably the most easy and fast ways to remove makeup. Also, it is extremely effective for sensitive skin.7homeremediesfordarkspotsonface-milk

2) Olive Oil: Yes beauties, olive oil is not just useful for luscious hair, but also very helpful in removing makeup. Moreover, it keeps skin glowing, soft and supple. It is ideal for those with dry skin. Women with sensitive to normal skin can try alternatives like castor oil or jojoba oil.olive_oil_number_one

3) Honey and Baking Soda: Take a clean wash cloth or a cotton ball and dab on it some honey. Sprinkle onto that some baking soda and there! You have your natural remover instantly. This is the best way to remove makeup naturally. It works perfectly for every skin type!honey

4) Baby Oil:  On a cotton ball, take a few drops of baby oil and move it over your eyelids and eyelashes. Relax and watch how magically your stubborn mascara comes off! This process makes removing mascara a child’s play! To remove traces of oil, wash off with a clean cloth dipped in oil

5) Steam: What? Steam! Yes you heard that right. Steam is excellent for opening the pores of your skin. Simply fill a basin with hot water and let the fumes do good to your skin, by leaning over. Post steaming, wash with a mild cleanser and water.cue-steam-face (1)

Hence, from now onwards make it a point to remove make-up naturally and forget all chemical worries! Go natural, go all out!

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