The Paperboat Nostalgia Moments

The Paperboat Nostalgia Moments

How often we come across various events in our lives which remind us of our early days? Many? But how often have we seriously gone back to our old memoirs and thought of our lucky old days when we had no responsibilities on our shoulders and were not burdened with hectic life schedules .  With ever changing lifestyles and our disconnection with the past, life has made us insensitive over the years. So here’s paperboat with a few sketches to revive our early days of childhood. Check out these amazing sketches and refresh your happy memories once again.


  1. And the sweet shock of cold water sneaking into my collar.11027961_788871851234461_3309944931993827350_n
  1. A thin sheet to shield us from the rain, but our shorts got wet anyway.
  1. I always wondered if I could take the extra crayon bits, and make a new crayon.
  1. When the owner of the only bat in the match decided he’d had enough.
  1. I still wonder.1472011_470260053095644_793399111_n
  1. Built like a tank.
  1. The one that drooped.
  1. Lost one tip and the whole thing rattled. It became useless. But who cared?
    Everyone had one of these!


  1. Which ones did you put up?


  1. Like saving balcony seats for your best friend, to watch the grandest movie playing outside the bus window.

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