Gloomy souls in the shades of darkness without Maggi

Maggi – our taste maker, date manager, home alone happiness, crazy camping partner and the only snack that could satisfy the cravings of our taste buds in just 5 minutes. The glorious Maggi noodles have left us all alone making our journey gloomy and shallow.

Think of Maggi and we can squander the rest of our lives counting the moments that became historic for us because of the instant noodles. Passing on from generations Maggi noodles had become an indispensable part of our life. Imagining life without maggi is more difficult than parting ways with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

It was a perfect solution for unannounced guests, ill-timed pangs of hunger, a dish that you could never go wrong with while cooking, for making the first impressions and an anytime treat for our taste buds. Even the aroma of irresistible Maggi noodles and sprinkles of the Maggi Magic Masala makes us drool over this snack. It was a heavenly blend of snacking and partying at any time and any place and was a sure shot life saver for millions of people across the country.

While bidding adieu to the most loved and favorite snack, let’s have a look at how much our lives will change without a hot and tempting bowl of Maggi.

No late night Parties – A stay over at a friend’s place? Late night movies? Studying for exams?  Or no reason; Maggi has been our late night partner over the years. Now no late night plans will be memorable without the touch of Maggi noodles.shutterstock_44025391

Hunger trouble for hostlers – This news is a nightmare for hostlers across the country, who actually survived on the instant yummy noodles. Maggi would be their first and only love in life and now their world is distorted. Furthermore, they are the ones who know most interesting and different recipes to pamper taste buds with this delicious snack.


Incomplete cooking tales – Most of us pride in being cooking enthusiasts only because of Maggi. It is the first dish that half of the population starts cooking and multiplying the happiness of our moms for entering into the kitchen zone.shutterstock_261819323

Missing Camping  Partner – The long, breezing camping nights far away from home and surrounded with friends sounds awesome, but something is missing. It is the all time favorite Maggi noodles, which never disappoints anyone.shutterstock_269458880Tasteless College Canteen Gossips – College days are one of the best days of everyone’s life. The fun of bunking classes, theatre sessions, week long fests, becoming gossip mongers and some new found love stories all become cherishing with a bowl of Maggi in the college canteen.

Soulless Dhabas and stalls – The name shall no longer rule the menus of dhabas and food-corners all across the country. The owners will not pride in serving the taste buds with never before experienced maggi recipes.01

Zero bribing Siblings – Melting the hearts of your siblings  with a delicious bowl of Maggi and bribing them to fulfill your wishes will not be easy anymore.shutterstock_117862627

The Divine Maggi Magic Masala – Licking the Maggi Magic Masala was the perfect way to satisfy the hunger pangs and desires. Feeling stressed, heartbroken, missing home or just like that let’s accept that we will not be able to treat our taste buds.maggi11

Maggi has been adding many memorable moments in our lives and thinking about those moments without this special snack is like missing something which has been always yours!

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