5 Cheesilicious Recipes For The Heartily Claimed Cheese Lovers!

The Cheesier the Better!

“Once a cheese lover is always a cheese lover”, is a true saying. Well…. think about cheese and your taste buds start craving for cheese burst pizzas, fresh baked pasta or lasagna. The rolling, warm and melting cheese is a real pleasure for the variegated taste buds. The never ending love for this irresistible gourmet can be found all across the globe.

Be it a cash crunch week or you are feeling too lazy to go out to buy your much loved Cheese plat du jour, then some exquisite cheesy delights can be your life saver.  

If you consider yourself a big foodie or gourmet connoisseur, then today on the glorious occasion of Cheese Lovers Day, it is time to embrace your love for cheese and explore some fresh and home baked cheese delights served with the sprinkles of your love. It’s time to show the world around you; the great culinary skills you possess with these must try Cheesilicious cuisines.

5 Cheesetastic recipes that will never fail to pamper your taste buds

Garlic Butter Sweet Potato Fries With Creamy Feta Dip – How about a crispy and tempting cheesy date? These yummy potato fries can be your hunger saver and you can fry them or simply put them in the oven and you will love them anyway. Just add a touch of Feta Dip assorted with plain Greek yoghurt and mayonnaise.

(Source: howsweeteats.com)


Quattro Formaggi Flatbread – This one is worth trying at home. The aroma of fresh baked cheese will be a wonderful surprise for your taste buds. Assorted cheese flavors added on flatbread and your mini appetizer is ready to be served.

(Source: howsweeteats.com)

One-Pan Four Cheese Drunken Sun-Dried Tomato And Spinach Pasta Bake – If you have missed this one, then you cannot claim to be a cheese lover. Just 5 minutes and you are ready to relish this tongue – waging cheese cuisine. Uncooked pasta, peppy noodles, four different flavors of cheese and authentic organic spices and your wait for the authentic cheese galore is over.

(Source: halfbakedharvest.com)

French Onion Cheese Bread – If you claim to be a fan of a melty, gooey cheese, then this is the perfect pick for you. This craveable appetizer is made with caramelized onions, cheese and bread.

(Source: Foodiecrush.com)

Seared Cauliflower, Broccoli & Burrata Pasta – If you want to relish the flavors of cheese with a light and comfortable meal, then this sorted and yummy pasta will be your partner for the evening. Layers of Buratta made of flavored cheese, broccoli and other organic herbs and spices will be a perfect pick for a cheesetastic evening.


Rediscover your love for cheese with these tempting and irresistible cheese recipes and make your journey easy – cheesy!

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