5 Types of people who must have PepperTap on their phones

Definition of modern life: Busy husbands, busy wives, busy children, busy grandparents and busy busy bees! With everybody so engrossed in their busy lives and only a weekend to spare, in which one finds time to enjoy a movie with family, buying groceries by travelling to a grocery store to replenish for basic needs seems like a tiring and stressful task. In these times where people are so busy and extensively wish to involve themselves in many plans which they wish to execute, buying groceries just becomes another obstacle and mundane task that drains the energy to even begin something fresh and new because it involves a lot of time wastage and effort. With PepperTap’s innovative concept, things have become pretty different. One gets groceries delivered at their doorsteps within two hours. It serves all kinds of individuals: from housewives to bachelors. Let’s take a look for what kind of people PepperTap is a must-have App.

  1. Workaholics: Do you leave office at 7 by the clock only to find that the grocery shops in your area have shut down for the day by the time you reach back home? Did you make a plan to hang out with your friends on an evening and suddenly received a call from your spouse who asked you to get groceries on your way back from work? Yes, we understand your problems! No need to stress anymore though over such petty issues. PepperTap grocery service lets you order anything you require at home be it fruits, vegetables or daily groceries at your door step within just two hours delivery time. Now that’s a stress buster, isn’t it! Go out relax and enjoy while we take care of your daily needs.FB-Ad-13
  1. Beauty Conscious Ladies: Ever thought of you as the beauty queen who would just relax on a couch while some personal assistants would groom your fingernails and toenails without having to worry about groceries from the supermarket? Hmm! We all do at a certain point of time. What if that dream was to become a reality? Amazed? Yup that’s your chance. With PepperTap you can order vegetables, fruits and daily groceries with just a few clicks on your phone and get them delivered right to your home address within two hours while relaxing in a saloon near your neighborhood. Forget about your anxieties of getting groceries from a supermarket, head down to a saloon to rejuvenate your charm and beauty.FB-Ad-17
  1. Weekend Hunters: TGIF! Weekend! Yipee! After slogging through a heavy week of workload, who wouldn’t like to go for a movie on a weekend? You want to? Awesome! But what to do if you discover that the stock of essential groceries required for your daily routine just ran out? Oh no! Another weekend consumed on grocery buying? Don’t panic! We are here to save you the trouble of stocking up daily groceries with just a few clicks on your smart phone. At PepperTap you can get all your daily needs delivered in just two hours at your doorstep without taking the initiative of travelling to a mall, departmental store or supermarket to get your groceries. Order anytime throughout the day and get your daily necessities delivered by us while you go out and watch a movie.FB-Ad-15
  1. Mommies: Carrying babies and infants to supermarkets can be a roller coaster ride since they are spontaneous and can grab any product within their reach and experiment with it before even you become aware of it. They also run around not letting you concentrate on your shopping list due to which you forget to buy a few products that you dearly required for your home. For all these problems, we have a solution that can let you spend more time with your kids while you buy your groceries not by visiting a supermarket but from your phone. Yeah, you heard that correct. There isn’t a need any more to spend your precious time travelling with your little child when you can order stuff sitting at home. What’s more, our delivery is made within two hours which means you can spend that time with your child while your groceries arrive at your doorstep. Convenient isn’t it?FB-Ad-18
  1. The Dicey Bachelors: ‘Oye! Aaj teri baari hai sabzi lane ki!’ How often have we heard from our roommates that today it’s our turn to go to that overcrowded bazaar, bargain with stubborn sabziwalas and fetch vegetables so that something can be prepared for a meal? Yes, the essence of sharing a room as bachelors is the fact that every work has to be a collaborative effort. But what if we introduce a surprise element into your banal bachelor life? We have a solution for you! When it’s your turn to get the vegetables you can simply log on to PepperTap app via phone and order the veggies at your doorstep just within two hours. You would not only save the effort of getting vegetables from the market but also of getting fruits and other groceries required to keep your place stocked. So keep this a secret and order now from us to save your effort.FB-Ad-19

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