PepperTap wishes Happy Labour Day

Labour Day or International Workers’ Day as it is popularly known in many countries is celebrated on May 1st every year to pay tribute to the efforts of laborers and working class population. It’s the first Labour Day for our entire PepperTap family together so we would like to thank our team who has put in extended hours of effort to make PepperTap such a popular service. Whether we consider the technology team who have been working constantly to improve our App’s appeal & functionality or operations team who have made items available and delivered them to customers on time, all deserve a remarkable applaud for fostering services with quality.

PepperTap team takes every step that enables our customers to order groceries with ease and make the App user-friendly offering one of the best online grocery shopping experience. The team ensures that the consumer gets fresh groceries delivered to their doorstep at economical rates.

To bridge the gap between the order and delivery process, field executives who travel on bikes and scooters to your doorsteps are the real agents who have fostered our growth and popularity in the region. PepperTap would like to thank and appreciate all the efforts of those who have put in their heart and soul to serve the customers. Their perseverance to deliver items with a smile on their face in almost any condition, be it hot, windy or rainy and even on festive days is praiseworthy. Their assurance of the products’ quality by double checking procedure is also appraised. They are the real engines of PepperTap who have always ensured that the groceries delivered to the customers are fresh and rich in quality. They have given us an opportunity to further plan and expand our business to other parts of NCR now.

We would like to thank each of our team members for their dedication towards the work. We have achieved great heights since and wish to continue this journey in the future as well. Cheers!

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