Protection gear for Swine Flu


According to a news report published by Indian Express swine flu deaths have increased to 1730 and cases which are currently infected with it have crossed the 30000 mark in India. Cities have gone on a high-alert as the virus is fast encroaching on the people. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so here we are with a few products that will keep the virus away from your family and promote healthy living.

  1. Domex: Do you have infants who put their fingers in mouth often? It has been found that there are approximately 1000-2500 germs, bacteria and virus on the floor of the bedroom or dining room. Babies, infants and children thus are at the highest risk of getting Swine Flu due to their low immunity levels. Considered as the top-notch floor cleaner, Domex with its sheer power is enough to eliminate any germs on floor or which may be lurking in the vicinity of your children. You can order it now from and experience the power of healthy living.
  1. Tissues: Are you experiencing the slightest of fever and running nose due to the changing weather? Carrying the traditional handkerchief with you means carrying more than a million germs wherever you go. Since you will be low on immunity therefore it’s essential that you get rid of any germs that may accumulate within the handkerchief leading to swine flu. So make it a point to carry a handy packet of tissues wherever you go and dispose off your nose discharge in a hygienic way. 
  1. Hand wash: Have you just arrived home after touching various bus handles, rickshaw bars, seats etc.? Any idea how many germs you may have brought with you to home? These objects are considered the most effective transmitters of communicable diseases and viruses that can quickly attack your immunity if you don’t wash hands before eating. With a great collection of hand washes available at our store you can choose the one which suits you best. Germs don’t attack with caution so neither should you give them a chance to capture you. Wash hands regularly before and after eating. Stay sanitized.
  1. Body Wash: Have you been travelling throughout the day in public transports? Do you know what sickness the man or woman may have been possessing while you were standing next to him/her in the bus? Of course not! Well don’t panic. Take a shower at home with a body wash/ shower gel that will completely disinfect your body from pathogens that may be lingering on your body to attack your immunity and cause swine flu. So take a bath whenever you visit public places and stay healthy and hygienic. 
  1. Hand Sanitizer: Have you been travelling in public transports and can’t find an area to wash your hands before eating? Did somebody sneeze on a handle bar or the seat you occupied and you placed your hand on the same while getting off or on the bus? Well then keep a handy hand sanitizer ready in your bag whenever you leave home. It’s a great alternative for soap and hand wash and its antiseptic properties will make your hands germ–free anywhere and anytime. The most vulnerable areas to get infected with Swine Flu are public transports, restaurants, malls, parks, etc. You never know who might be infected with it. So take the precaution and beat swine flu at its own game!

Your health is our priority. Don’t let Swine Flu infiltrate your home and your surroundings. Check out more products on our website to keep you healthy

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