Food and Superstitions

Supestitions (1)Have you cracked an egg, served noodles or even poured a pot of tea lately? Well you might say that it’s your every day routine of preparing breakfast but you will be shocked to learn that there are some longstanding superstitions behind such acts too! Superstitions have existed from times the humans came into existence and have arisen from various cultural and religious beliefs occurring at different periods of history and time. Superstitions have definitely come a long way from there and continue to exist in our modernistic society. And whether you believe it or not, some of the spookiest superstitions are associated with food. So let’s discover a couple of superstitions related to food and scare the wits out of you! Or…Not!

  1. Garlic – It’s used as an amazing spice to add a distinctive flavor to food and helps to fight diseases such as common cold and flu but did you know it’s also known to scare away evil spirits? Yeah you heard that correct. If you believe that someone is not your well-wisher and wants to bestow bad luck on you, make it a point to carry some garlic in your pants pockets. Garlic is also known to scare of demons, werewolves and vampires. If you believe that there may be a vampire living in your neighborhood you can also hang garlic on windows, rub it on chimneys, or keyholes or even wreaths of garlic to protect you from his evil omen.garlic
  1. Salt- Have you heard that spilling salt is considered very unlucky? In ancient times salt was a precious commodity like money and spilling it was equivalent to wasting money. And if you spilt salt, then the only way to reverse bad luck was to throw some amount of salt from your right hand over your left shoulder. Some individuals are of the view that if one spreads some salt on the window sills and on the entrance of a new house before the inhabitants move within it, salt will protect them from the evil spirits which might be residing in the vicinity.salt
  1. Onion – It is said that if you threw onion peelings on the floor, you would have thrown away your luck. Well but onion also is known to shoo off evil spirits if pierced with a lot of pins and kept on the windowsill. Onions are also known to get rid of blisters and blemishes if you rub their edges on the blisters and then throwing them over your right shoulder without looking back. That way you will never get blisters again. Another superstition connected with onions is that if you are confused between two decisions or choices then you can write both the choices on two different onions and hide them in the dark and the one that sprouts first is the right decision for you.onion
  1. Tea – Well our everyday starter of breakfasts and evening breakfasts also has many superstitions related to it. There are good beliefs as well as bad ones attached to tea. If you add milk to your tea before putting in sugar, then it is said that you will never get married. Another belief is that stirring your tea anti-clockwise means that you are likely to get in trouble soon. Also if the tag of the teabag falls of it while the teabag is still in your cup then you may lose something precious you possess within a week. Talking about the good beliefs now, finding sugar granules at the bottom of your teacup means that someone has a crush on you. If you spill some tea while in the process of preparation is a lucky signal, while spilling tea while carrying it to be served in the teapot will be a signal that a stranger might be visiting you soon. And last, tea leaves are known to petrify evil spirits so if you believe that your neighborhood is eerie in any way then you can spread some tea leaves on the entrance of your home to protect you from ghosts and evil spirits.tea
  1. Banana – Oouu! Banana. Considered one of the best fruits to provide instant energy it also has a couple of superstitions attached to it. One of them being that if you cut a banana then you are likely to face bad luck. So never cut the banana, break it into smaller pieces with hand. There is also a belief that if somebody carelessly throws away the skin of the banana then he/she is likely to face a painful death. During 1700’s banana was considered a really bad omen by the seamen since it was considered to bring bad luck onboard the ship and ships carrying bananas wouldn’t catch any fish. Many ships also disappeared during those times which were carrying bananas and hence the superstition acquired even more strength.banana
  1. Eggs – Besides being a protein rich food, eggs also have certain superstitions related to them. There’s a popular belief that if you don’t crush the ends of the egg shells then a witch will collect the shells and build a boat with them and sail into the sea to start a storm. According to another belief if you are lucky enough to get an egg with contains two yolks then you will end up having twin babies. Eggs are also considered as a great agent of fortune by some farmers and thus some eggs are thrown into farms so that the next harvest brings them prosperity.eggs
  1. Bread – Ever found a hole in the middle of your bread that was created due to an air pocket? Yeah? Time to get freaked out! An air hole found in the bread in olden times represented a coffin and meant that somebody was to die soon. These days though people don’t chop breads anymore, yet they live with the fear of this superstition still. You never know when such bread may find you. Watch out!Bread-27-500x375

We are sure that by now you must have freaked out with the facts that you came to know about the food articles. Relax! Our intention was not to scare the wits out of you, but to make you an informed customer so that you don’t miss out on such amazing foods just because there are superstitions attached with them. So savor your taste buds and buy these food articles at

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