5 Energy-Filled Breakfasts for Exams


Uuffff! Exams! Datesheet bhi aa gayi and I don’t know how I will study this time! Does your daughter or son express such anxieties during exams? Are they receiving the right amount of nutrients and minerals so that they don’t doze off while studying for the exams?  Are you constantly trying to find ways so that your child stands out of the crowd and delivers the best in examinations? You are on the perfect site then! Exam time is a stressful time both for the parents and students alike. Students wish to outperform others in class and rank one while on the other hand they aren’t able to concentrate on studies because of low concentration levels or their liability to feel drowsy when they sit down to study. Well it then becomes essential that we as parents provide them with meals that not only energize them, but also increase mind’s retention power. Most students under-perform because either they don’t receive the adequate nutrients or their retention of facts fails them. So let’s take an oath to combat incompetency and see our children as stars. So here are a couple of recipes that you can cook for your kids during exams which will not only lessen their anxieties but also increase their retention power to outperform others:

  1. Whole wheat Pancakes — Nothing can be more energizing for your kids then having these pancakes as breakfast. Ingredients you need to make them are whole wheat flour, buttermilk powder, ground flaxseed, baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, salt, eggs, water and canola oil. Then you just need to combine all the ingredients in a bowl except the eggs, water and oil. Whisk the eggs in water and oil in another bowl and then combine them to the other batter. Let the batter sit for around 5 minutes. Take a griddle and let it heat for around 5-10 minutes. Then spread some oil onto the griddle and pour some batter so that it’s evenly spread. Then just cook the batter for 1-2 minutes until its bottom turn brown and bubbles appear on top. Then flip the pancake and repeat until the other side is brown too. After both sides are brown, remove the pancake from the heat source. Repeat with all the pancakes and your energy filled breakfast will be ready in no time. These pancakes are a great source of carbohydrates and calories which will boost their concentration levels and help to do away with lethargic feeling. Get ingredients at peppertap.com.pancakes
  2. Ginger- Mango Smoothie – This can be made really fast and easy. Filled with 239 calories this will super-energize your child during this lethargic phase of exams, you can also try other variants of it like adding almonds to it for increasing retention power. All you need to do is to whip the ingredients and refrigerate them overnight. Ingredients you will require to make it are chopped mangoes, vanilla yogurt, tofu, ground flaxseed, chopped ginger, flaxseed oil and a few pieces of cardamom. Get ingredients at peppertap.com. mango smoothie
  3. Open Faced Broiled Egg, Spinach, Tomato Sandwich – Sandwiches are an all time favourite with kids so why not try something creative? All you need to prepare these nutrient rich sandwiches are buns, fresh spinach, tomatoes, eggs, mayonnaise and seasoning spices. Just toast the bun a bit and add spinach and a slice of tomato on top of it. Then spread the hard boiled eggs and lavish them with mayonnaise and seasoning. Then just place the sandwich in a grill and let it cook for around 5 minutes in the oven. These sandwiches are known to contain a lot of essential vitamins and antioxidants due to the presence of spinach and tomatoes. You will be amazed by the change you see in your kids. They would never feel drowsy after consuming such a healthy breakfast. Get ingredients at peppertap.com. open broiled eggs
  4. Fancy French Toast – A classic recipe to keep your kids energized and active throughout the day. You would require whole grain bread, an egg, fat free milk, cinnamon, canola oil, margarine and sugar free syrup. All you need to do then is to combine the egg, milk and cinnamon in a vessel. Then heat up canola oil and margarine in a pan and dip the bread into the egg mix until the bread turns golden from both sides. Then just put the bread in a plate and pour syrup onto the bread.  Serve it with chicken or fish nuggets. This bread packs in 352 calories which is sufficient to keep your child’s mind active at least for 4-5 hours. Get ingredients at peppertap.comfancy french toast
  5. Yoghurt Parfait – Is your child’s retention power really weak? Try out this stamina boosting drink that will not only increase his/her mind’s memory but also provide exploding energy so that your child doesn’t feel sleepy. You just need yoghurt, dry fruits, flaxseed meal, cinnamon and sugar. To enhance your child’s mind retention power even more you may add extra almonds within the drink. It contains 387 calories, lot of carbohydrates and fibre. Serve it chilled along with eggs or French toast for extracting its maximum benefits. Get ingredients at peppertap.com.Yogurt Parfait

We are sure that by now you must be inspired to try out these exotic breakfasts for your kids and drive away your child’s incompetency and see him/her excel in her exams. Check out more healthy products at peppertap.com.

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