Products For a Safe Holi

Intr_productsoBura na mano Holi Hai! With a lot of bustling going around already in various societies regarding the festival of colors, we are sure that you wouldn’t want to isolate yourself this Holi and miss the action! We all like to play with colors on this auspicious day: throwing gulal on friends, drenching people with pichkaris or even smashing water balloons filled with colored water. But after all the fun is over, we are left with unrecognizable faces, dry skin and colored hair. So since we don’t want that your Holi playing experience is spoilt in any way we we are listing a couple of products that would not only protect you from the toxic chemicals of colors but also help you to clean stubborn colors that may not come off easily. So the next day when you reach your office people don’t say ! Ah ..Aapki holi abhi khatam nahi hui kya?

  1. Coconut Oil: Well if you are planning to step into the battlefield and play Holi on full swing then definitely apply coconut oil on your hair before you go out. It will not only act as a barrier to restrict the effects of toxic colors but also lessen the damage caused to your hair. Another advantage of applying coconut oil before playing Holi is that it is very light in nature and can be easily removed with shampoo. It will also easily remove the unwanted extra grease, which other oils may not be able to and result in dry hair. Buy Coconut oil at peppertap.comparachute-parachute-advansed-coconut-hair-oil-300-ml
  1. Nail Paint: Well if you going out to play Holi, then it’s definite that your nails will get colored! As some colors can be really obstinate and won’t get removed easily so it’s best to apply heavy nail paint on both fingers and toes before you go out to play Holi. Nail paints are a great way to keep the harmful effects of colors at bay. So this festive season ensure that you have a nail paint to protect your nails. Buy attractive nail enamel at peppertap.commaybelline-nail-polish-kskaa3eb
  1. Moisturizing Cream: Harmful chemicals present in colors can cause skin irritations and dry skin. So its essential that you moisturize your skin well enough before you head out to play Holi. Main areas of contact like the face and arms should be moisturized pre-Holi engagement since moisturizers help to remove the colors more easily. After the post-Holi bath moisturizer can be used to maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin.Lakme Fruit Moisture - Peach Milk Moisturizer  120 ml
  1. Shampoo: Do you become a macaw after playing Holi with all its fervor? Well don’t fret! The best way to remove color from your hair is to first wash them with plain cold water so that most of the color is removed. Then you need is a good shampoo. Choose a shampoo that does not make your hair dry while clearing all the colors. Check out our range of preferable shampoos for Holi at peppertap.comloreal_shampoo_375ml
  1. Shower Gel: Well after all the fun is over nothing’s better than having a hot bath to clean up the colors. Just remember that you wait a while to get into the hot bath though. It’s essential that you take a bath with a shower gel that is hard on colors but soft on your skin. Soaps are known to cause skin irritations and make the skin itchy. So choose from a wide variety of strong shower gels for bathing purpose this Holi at
  2. Lux-Shower-Gel

With these range of products at your disposal we are sure that your Holi experience will be a remarkable one filled with exuberant colors and long lasting happiness. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Holi!

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