iOS users can now PepperTap too!


Hurrah! We proudly announce the launch of Gurgaon’s 1st ever grocery shopping App on iOS. Apple lovers, the convenience of ordering fruits, vegetables and groceries online is now in your hands. India is the fastest growing mobile user in the world having over 930 million users. With 278 million Smartphone subscribers and Apple iPhone users increasing exponentially, how could we have not provided Apple iPhone users the luxury of ordering groceries on their smart phones?

We launched the Android version of our App in November 2014 and got overwhelming response.  This made us work to give away more smiles, or shall we say give away more ease all around. So, we planned to embrace Apple lovers. Even Apple users, like our Android users in Gurgaon, can order their weekly, monthly or even daily grocery list on the go!  Now instead of standing in queues, you can spend quality time with your loved ones and we will get groceries at your doorsteps. So next time if you are stuck in heavy traffic or compressed in the metro crowd, remember all you need to do is: Tap the PepperTap!

We have made an attempt to make the interface very user friendly so that you can place your orders with us without any hassles.  Also, as much as we are thankful for the trust and faith you have shown on us, we are as always eager for your feedback. Keep posting your reviews and we will take every review seriously and improve every bug which will stand between you and your groceries!

Happy Tapping and Happy Shopping!

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