5 essential Snacks & Beverages for watching the World Cup


Howzzaat?!! Bowled it!! Dho Daala!  Catch it!!

If you are a cricket fan, we’re sure this is the scene at your home every time a match has India playing in it. And we’re also sure most of you will call your friends and neighbours to watch the match together.

Yess! It’s the World Cup 2015 and yes, the entire nation is saying that #wewontgiveitback. But for that how can you leave your seats where every over will keep you at the edge and make you bite your nails. Remember, it’s a match and anything can happen till the last ball.

So what do you do? Stay hungry?

Oh no-no! Don’t fear when PepperTap is here! Get the food which will not make you full but will also keep you energetic the entire match. So, here is the List of 5 food items you would need for a World Cup Match.

  1. Kinley Drinking Water – Even though you are not going to play cricket while watching it but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to hydrate yourself. It is the World Cup, you are going to lose a LOT of sweat! Don’t forget to hoard a box of mineral water bottles before you lift up the remote. Buy it right away here: http://bit.ly/-drinking-water
  1. Act II Popcorn and Diet Corn Chips – Traditional eatables while watching a match or a movie. A big bowl of each would be sufficient to stimulate your taste buds for what follows. It is impossible to imagine one sitting on the couch without a bowl of popcorn in front. Now that is just wrong!! Don’t think just click http://bit.ly/snacksnbf
  1. Cold drinks – Just like watching a cricket match feels incomplete without popcorn; consuming popcorn is incomplete without a cold drink in the other hand. So by extension, watching a match is incomplete without a cold drink in hand. It is all Mathematics. Buy your favourite soft drink here: http://bit.ly/soft-drinks
  1. Read to cook food – Popcorn and chips can’t be your entire dinner right? Even if you have consumed a dozen of them. Ready to cook soup, pasta and noodles is the best dinner to have when you feel hungry and you can’t spend a lot of time cooking because there aren’t many overs left! Buy here: http://bit.ly/ready2cook
  1. Red bulls and coffee – You would require this if the match goes on for longer than you had expected. Even if it doesn’t, you might want to pull an all nighter with your friends who have invaded your couch to watch the match with you. You can’t miss out on the post match fun and hence it is wise to load your refrigerator with a couple of energy drinks. Get them here: http://bit.ly/1xyL3lJ

What are you thinking?  Don’t worry! You don’t have to wait for days to get these products delivered. Order at the tap of you phone and get all the above items listed in FLAT 2 hours at a discount of 10% on the days on which India plays.

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