ICC World Cup 2015 – Don’t carry Groceries, Carry the World Cup


The ICC World Cup 2015 is here and we know how important it is for us, after all we are the defending champions! Moreover Cricket is like the most followed religion of our nation and hence we would not like anything to lessen the thrill of watching this exciting tournament especially something like falling short of chips and drinks and other snacks prior to or during the match, which is such a buzz kill. Before you start panicking and try to reach for your car key, we would like to advise you to reach for your smartphone instead. You don’t need to lift yourself from that comfortable couch, just download the PepperTap app and get your groceries delivered with a tap!

Imagine it is the last over of the match. Opponents need 6 runs off 6 balls.  A fully occupied couch, a big bowl of chips and a glass of your favourite beverage is in your hand. Every sip of that beverage is preceded by the relaxation you get after a dot ball is bowled. Every chip you swallow succeeds every step that the bowler takes. It is the last ball. The bowler takes a long run up, intensifying the tension with every long step. Sound of popcorns crunching becomes louder and louder, but not louder than the commentator as he shouts “HE IS CLEAN BOWLED!!! AND INDIA HAS WON THE …”

Exhilarating, isn’t it? But there is a big but and we are here to get rid of it. All you need to do is warm up your couch while your favourite team warms up in the ground. Let’s have a great world cup!!

Presently available only in Gurgaon, PepperTap offers the fastest online grocery delivering service in India. Our aim is to make the lives of our customers easier by taking responsibility for one the most tedious household chores. Customers’ appreciation of our services has encouraged us to expand our operations and we hope to extend our prominence in other parts of Delhi/ NCR and other parts of the country as well. Till then stay connected to PepperTab via this blog and download the PepperTap app from Google Play Store because we don’t want you to miss out on our latest offers and developments!

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