Avoid Hassles, Do Your Grocery Shopping Online!


Grocery shopping is a regular chore which we are supposed to do at least once a week. Why is it that we prefer buying grocery in bulk and avoid multiple trips to the Kirana stores located nearby? Wouldn’t it be better if we could get our groceries at our door steps at prices that are reasonable, at time which is convenient for us and quality that isn’t compromised? Well you can via online grocery shopping but before that you need to know why you should.

Time Constraint

You can be a single parent or DINK couple, a dedicated workaholic or a dedicated house wife, irrespectively you would know how time consuming the task of grocery shopping is. Given that you are busy for 30 hours a day, it is impossible for you to pursue the task of travelling all the way to the nearest grocery shop, waiting in stagnant queues and then coming all the way back with depleted energy. With online grocery shopping you don’t have to work this hard. You could be sitting on your couch or warming up the seat of your car and you can still place your order! It doesn’t matter where you place the order from it will be delivered to you in a guaranteed time window. Well isn’t that convenient?

Budget Friendly

It is rather unreasonable to stand in long queues after deliberate hunting for products in your grocery list after incurring huge transportation costs and unnecessary parking charges in addition to the huge grocery bill that you are handed over. Other than saving time, online grocery shopping allows you to save bundle of notes. By going techy you save the costs of petrol and parking charges. You don’t have to go to the grocery store; the grocery store comes to you! Other than the above mentioned costs you can also save from various offers that online grocery shopping sites provide regularly.


There is no doubt about how convenient it is to get the grocery delivered to our footsteps. It is practically effortless to select your required products with a tap from a well organized collection and order it at a delivery spot of your choice at a time of your convenience. No more hassles, no heavy lifting, it is all taken care of. All you have to do is place your order, watch you favourite sitcom, play your favourite game on your mobile and tadaa!- your grocery order  is delivered in the mean time 🙂

Now you can save time and money and avoid any further inconvenience by placing your grocery orders using the PepperTap app. We offer you an extensive range of products that will be delivered to at your convenient delivery spot within 120 minutes! At present our services are available only in Gurgaon but we hope to expand our operations to other parts of Delhi/NCR and other parts of the country soon!

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