Welcome to the PepperTap experience

With online shopping sites for clothing, footwear, appliances and accessories of the same making our lives easier in the last decade, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get your groceries at your doorsteps too? Thanks to PepperTap, the cumbersome task of sorting and fetching heavy groceries is not your problem any more.

Cognizant of your grocery needs, PepperTap was founded by professionals who are dedicated to make the life of our customers as convenient as possible. Headed by an IIM-A alumnus, the dedicated team (all IIT/ NIT graduates) of PepperTap works in symphony to match your grocery needs within a guaranteed period of time.

We all are aware of the inefficiencies caused when we have to drive over to the grocery store for every little requirement, and we apparently incur unnecessary yet not so little transportation costs. Also, we spend a lot of time standing in long queues and battling fellow shoppers for products with limited availability so that we can go back home and cook a meal that was supposed to be in our digestive system by now.

The fastest on demand grocery delivery service which PepperTap provides, is currently available only in Gurgaon and is soon to be launched in other parts of Delhi NCR. Though we guarantee our customers a maximum two hour window (from the time an order is made) for delivering their products, we frequently surprise them by delivering sooner than they expect at their convenient delivery spot. PepperTap is the answer to the problems of all those workaholics whose tight schedule doesn’t allow them grocery shopping. Just download the PepperTap app and guide your grocery items to your doorsteps with just one smooth touch.

We guarantee the quality of our fruits, vegetables and other grocery products and will accept instant returns of anything you don’t like right at your doorstep. No questions asked.

The wonderful response of our customers has validated our presence and encouraged us to expand our operations. We have pledged to go the extra mile to ease the pain of your grocery shopping. Stay tuned for all the information and assurance that you will need for your satisfaction! Happy Shopping!

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